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On March 4, 1933 Farmers State Bank closed its doors to the public and reopened on April 18, 1933, under Charter 1660, as Ennis State Bank. In 1940 W.B. Rider Sr., Deputy Commissioner for the Texas Department of Banking, Ervin McCrary, Commissioner for the Texas Department of Banking, and J.E. Woods bought controlling interest in Ennis State Bank. Mr. Rider left the Texas Department of Banking to serve as acting president of Ennis State Bank (then located at 110 W. Ennis Avenue) from 1940-1952.

It was during this time that Ennis State Bank would begin making its own mark in history. On March 2, 1953 Ennis State Bank moved from 110 W. Ennis Avenue to 113 N. Dallas and had the first drive-in window in Ellis County. It was manned by F.E. Hoefer Jr and according to Hoefer the first drive-in customer was Mrs. Opal Pannill.

W.B. Rider Sr. stepped down and W.B. Rider Jr. was appointed president of Ennis State Bank in 1953. Rider Jr. would serve as president from 1953 until 1982 and he too would make his mark in history when he took Ennis State Bank from 3 small free standing Motor Banks to the present 10 lane Motor bank located at 101 N. Clay. W.B. Rider Jr. was announced Chairman of the Board in 1972.

In 1983, amid its growth and success, Ennis State Bank moved its main lobby to 815 W. Ennis Avenue. The new location would allow Ennis State Bank to move into the future and serve it customers and prospective customers better. The Ennis State Bank building in itself has become a landmark to Ennis. The Architectural Design with the use of shapes, space and large windows across the front is very unique to Ennis.

Bramlet Beard was named president and CEO of Ennis State Bank in 1993 and presently still holds that position. Mr Beard too would lead Ennis State Bank into a new era of history. In July of 1994 Ennis State Bank opened the first drive thru ATM in Ennis. In 1995 the Extended Service Lobby, located at 700 W. Ennis Avenue, was opened to offer customers full service banking 6 days a week. On September 16, 1996, Ennis State Bank launched it first subsidiary, ESB Mortgage Company.

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