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Switch Kit - We make switching easy for you!

We know that switching your checking account from one institution to another can be a time consuming process. But, with the Ennis State Bank Account Switch Kit, we can help you make the transition easy. Just follow the easy steps below to get the process started:

  1. Open up your Ennis State Bank account. We offer many accounts to meet your needs. Just click here to view some of our accounts our come by our location at 815 W. Ennis Ave., Ennis, Texas.
  2. Discontinue Use of Your Old Account - Balance your account and make sure that enough funds are available to cover any outstanding checks, debit card transactions and upcoming withdrawals.
  3. Switch your Direct Deposits - Send our Direct Deposit Request Form to any direct deposit vendors that you may have including payroll from your employer, Social Security or other government deposits, CD interest payments, Child Support deposits, etc. You will need to print one form for each company with which you have an arrangement for direct deposit.
  4. Switch your Automatic Payments - Send our Automatic Payment Request Form to any companies that you are paying through automatic payment/withdrawal. This will provide them with your new Ennis State Bank checking account information. This may include Utilities and other payments including Gas, Electric, Phone, Water, Cable/Satellite, Loans, Mortgages, Child Support, Insurance, Cellular service, and much more. You will need to print one form for each company with which you have an arrangement for automatic withdrawal.
  5. Close your old account - Send our Close Account Request Form to the financial institution where you are closing your old checking account. Make sure all checks have cleared and that there is no more activity on the account.

Click here to download our Switch Kit Form.

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